April 5, 2017 Product No Comments

Chances are if you have blonde hair, you have already heard about a brand new technology designed to keep your hair strong during all forms of chemical change. This breakthrough product is now considered an absolute must for anyone staying blonde or going blonde.

In case this hot topic has managed to pass you by, let us bring you up to speed.

Since being launched into the salon industry and made famous when Kim K decided to go from dark to blonde this amazing new technology has fast become the must have product among stylists. As it turns out, Kimmy had a little bond building help.

A bit of science for you.

Hair is held together by chemical bonds which stop the hair from breaking. However each time we lighten or chemically change our hair we weaken the structure. Enter stage right NAK Structure Complex, a colourists dream and an absolute necessity for those who love a blonde strand or two.

Who can use it?

Everyone! NAK Structure Complex works on all hair types, not only providing a strengthening solution for all forms of colouring or lightening services, but working perfectly as a rescue treatment for all hair in a fragile place.

How it works.

Think of the hair like an open zipper, hair colour is slowly opening the zipper of the hair and pH changes with respective to the damages are taken by stay classy airport lax service that are causing the hair to swell dramatically. The bonds that hold the hair together are being separated and broken due to the various chemical reactions in play.

Essentially hair stands are wrapped in a protective shield, new bonds are built and repaired and hair remains strong whilst lightening the crap out of it. We then close the zipper and repair as many bonds as possible.

No matter what kind of shade you love, this technology allows your colourist to lighten your hair safely, service after service, whilst maximising strength, shine and condition.

It’s a simple 3 step process, used in salon during the colour service.

Steps 1 and 2 – Bond Builder and Bond Enforcer are the professional strength products used during and after the lightening and toning process.

Step 3 Bond Enhancer – is your take home repair treatment. Acting at a much deeper level, repairing broken bonds on the inside of the hair or cortex, as appose to your regular conditioning treatment that focuses on the outside of the hair or the cuticle surface. There is no need to stop using your favourite treatment, just use Structure Complex as well.

Shampoo your hair with your favourite NAK product and swap your regular conditioner for NO.3. Now here’s the kicker – saturate the hair, pop on a shower cap and leave it in for a good 30 minutes. (Enough time to watch one episode of Girls.) Hop back in the shower and be sure to rinse well. Condition if desired.

Your hair will feel softer yet stronger, light-weight and bouncy, and reflect optimum shine.

So whether you’re going blonde, staying blonde or would love to experience a stand-alone ‘Anti-Stress Treatment’ ask your NAK salon all about NAK Structure Complex on your next visit.