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Just look at this before and after photo!

This is revolutionary toning – GkHair ‘The Best’ Smoothing treatment for blonde, white or lighter colors.

In the past when GKHair ‘The Best’ Smoothing Treatment was applied to blonde, white or light colors, the hair was smooth, shiny and frizz-free, however it produced a golding effect on the hair.

Today we have a new and exciting revolutionary patented technology – Miami Bombshell, GKHair ‘The Best’.

Glamazon is the first salon in Australia to trial, and now use, Miami Bombshell with excellent results.

The process for this groundbreaking technology is exactly the same as  the GK’s signature product. The difference is in the additional ingredients that are highly conditioning for lighter hair and is violet based, so as the heat sealing process takes place, rather than producing a golding effect on blonde, white, grey or lighter colors, this sweet smelling violet creme instantly neutralises the golding effect, leaving beautiful, clean, shiny, frizz-free blonde, white, grey or lighter hair.

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