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Intensive Minerals Ocean Clay Mask
This treatment mask is great after chemical services to neutralise alkalinity and to lock in color molecules. Its micro-fine substances are derived from ocean mineral clay which can directly replenish moisture and proteins into the hair shaft. Its antioxidant formula can also neutralise alkaline residues left by chemical treatments, leaving hair healthy, bouncy, shiny and smooth.

Amino Collagen Hydrating Hair Mask
This treatment is too heavy for fine hair, but works a treat on medium to strong porous dry hair. The ‘big gun’ of treatments for hair that needs moisture.

Energising Spa Equaliser
This latest therapeutic product is specially designed for all dry, frizzy, split and fragile hair texture, damaged by the chemical processes of bleaching, perming and coloring. It’s a real spa for hair. Its intensive nourishing nutrients rapidly penetrate the hair shaft. By means of protein synthesis, hi–permability therapeutics, all course, dry, frizzy and split hair texture will rapidly absorb the nutrients and moisture and the hair structure will be changed.